Welcome to Bakrie Pipe Industries

In line with continual improvement of the national development, PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries (a subsidiary of PT. Bakrie Brothers, Tbk) has successfully embedded itself as as the biggest an prominent steel pipe producer in Indonesia. Applying High Frequency ERW ( Electric Resistance Welding ) technology, PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries produces steel pipes for various purposes such as: oil and gas pipe line, water installation, telephone pole, electrical mast, general construction and other various purposes.

Training Sales & Marketing PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries

22 Jan 2015

PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries was the largest steel pipe producers in Indonesia had managed to operate the lab service and coating plant to support its business.  Lab service operates in the field of inspection techniques, mechanical test and test of iron.. While the Coating Plant was a steel pipe coating services that are useful to prevent corrosion commonly occur on the pipeline.

Gerakan Hemat & Hijau PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries

7 Jan 2015

PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries as the largest manufacturer of steel pipe company is very concerned about the environment. In an internal environment that exists at BPI, the little things like the use of paper is on notice.

In all our work should be poured in, of course we are not detached from the paper. At this time the paper became one of the main commodities of urban society, especially in our work that almost all our work should be pour in a lot of paper. With so many of the use of paper causes demand for the raw materials exceeds the limits of legal paper. More and more the need for paper means more trees to be fellen off. Cases of illegal logging in forests that have implications for the forest degradation or loss of quantity of trees in the forest.

The first production facility of Coating and Qualifying Test Order Pertagas Muara Karang - Muara Tawar

10 Dec 2014

        PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries, the largest manufacturer of steel pipe company in indonesia has officially has a coating. On Monday  December 8th,2014 has done a Kick-Off Meeting Qualification Test Order Pertagas Muara Karang - Muara Tawar which was attended by Commercial Sales,human resources, Safety, production, QC with Pertagas.

Family Gathering 2014 PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries

26 Nov 2014

As a company of national steel pipe manufacturers, employee activity of PT Bakrie Pipe Industries. every day is always crowded because of the high production levels and often lead to the inevitable saturation. Such a thing is sure its productivity level greatly affects an employee. In anticipation of his, management of PT Bakrie Pipe Industires hold a Family Gathering that regularly held every year. This event is a container that is supplied by the company where the entire scope of the employee's family participated in an activity held by the company.

Exemplary Employees 2014 Announcement

5 Sep 2014

PT.Bakrie Pipe Industries held an award employee who have demonstrated good work achievements. The award is the company's efforts in delivering retribution upon the employee during this work, to encourage employees to work more actively and potentially. On April 28, 2014 2014 official example of Employee Selection in the open by the CEO of PT.Bakrie Pipe Industries, Mr. Mas Wigrantoro.

Exemplary Employees 2013

31 Dec 2013

Echoes of the commencement of the election Exemplary Employees of PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries (BPI) have been resonant since mid-July of 2013, banners have been displayed at various angles, as a sign of information to all employees of the company about this program.

It was a priceless pride when a person was elected and crowned as Exemplary Employees in a company.